Visual Artist


2020 | 15th Pollux Awards, Self-Portrait | Winner 

2020 | IP & Lucie Awards | Self-Portrait | First Place Winner & Jury top 5

2021 | LensCulture Art Photography Awards | Finalist

2021 | IPA & Lucie Awards | Self-Portrait | Honorable Mention

2022 | BJP 1984 | Female in Focus | Single images winner

2022 | IPA & Lucie Awards ∑ Honorable Mention

2022 | LIFEFRAMER | COLOR COMPETITION | Image winner curated by Damaris Amao from Centre Pompidou

Group Exhibition.

2020 | Vasa Project, Magic Realism, Latinas en México

2020 | FeriaInfo | Argentina

2021 | Declaraciones Cuerpo | Centro de la Imagen | México-Chile

2021 | Barcelona Foto Biennale | Barcelona

2021 | Creación en Movimiento | Museo de San Ildefonso | Ciudad de México

2022 | JustWomen | Joseph, Le Palais | París

2022 | JustWomen | Milan, Italy

2022 | Fotógrafas del Norte | Ciudad de México

2022 | Female in Focus | London, England


2019 | Nylon Magazine
2021 | Vogue Italia
2021 | Vice en Español
2022 | All About Photo
2022 | Cuartoscuro Magazine
2022 | The Guardian


Persia Campbell is a female director and photographer who grew up and has developed on both sides of Mexico's northern border (El Paso and Ciudad Juárez).

Her photographic work explores female self-representation through color management and production design. She works on stage design to reconstruct and represent the intimate border and northern Mexican aesthetic. Persia Campbell has a degree in Visual Arts with a specialty in Digital Media (Photography and Video) from the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez. She has training in Art Direction with a workshop at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC) of the UNAM in charge of the designer Salvador Parra. She concludes his Master's studies in 2018 in the "Studies and Creative Processes in Art and Design" program.

With her most recent photographic series "Itinerario de una mujer en la frontera" she participated in the exhibition organized by Vasa Project called "Magic Realisim. Latinas in Mexico" Curated by Ximena Echague and Fernanda Pineda. With this same series she won the 15th Pollux Awards en Barcelona, in the self-portrait category in the individual image section and in the IPA (International photography awards) in the first place in the self-portrait subcategory and was finalist at the LensCulture 2021 Art Awards.

She has presented her work in several exhibitions, in Mexico City at the San Ildefonso Museum, in Barcelona she was part of the Barcelona Foto Biennale and recently she was  part of the IMAGENATION 2022 exhibition at the Joseph Le Palais Gallery, a few meters away from the iconic Pompidou Center.  

With her latest series “Reminiscences from the borde” She  won the "Female in Focus" award organized by the British Journal Of Photography 1854, in the single image category, received an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards contests and was selected as winner at the LifeFramer Contest of Color Curated by Damaris Amao from Centre Pompidou.